Topical Research Conference
"Research Trends in Laser Matter Interaction 2010"

Fast Ignition Laser
 Thermonuclear Fusion

Hot Dense Matter/Warm Dense Matter

Ultrashort Laser Pulses/X-Ray Lasers/
Free Electron Lasers

May 7- 8, 2010
La Jolla , California 92037

Alphabetical Order


Phillip Sprangle

Plasma Physics Division
Chief Scientist (ST) for Directed Energy Physics
Head of  Beam Physics Branch
Naval Research Laboratory

P. Sprangle, J. Peņano, S. Gold, A. Ting,
 D. Gordon and B. Hafizi+

Plasma Physics Division
Naval Research Laboratory, Washington , DC

+Icarus Research, Inc

Generation and Atmospheric Propagation of High-Average Power IR Free Electron Laser Beams

SPRANGLE et al. Abstract. PDF



M. Tabak

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

7000 East Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550, USA


Features of a point design
 for fast ignition

M. Tabak, D. Clark, R. P. J .Town,
 M. H. Key, P. Amendt, D. Ho, 
D. J. Meeker, H. D. Shay, B. F. Lasinski, 
A. Kemp, L. Divol, A. J. Mackinnon,
 P. Patel, D. Strozzi, D. Larson

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

7000 East Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550, USA

M. TABAK et al. Abstract. PDF

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FUSION ( American Institute
of Physics, New York,1992)
N.G.Basov, K.A.Brueckner, S.W.Haan, C.Yamanaka (Editors)

Select Topics in Laser-Matter Interaction 
(The Stefan University Press Series on 
Frontiers in Interdisciplinary physics,2002)
By V. Stefan (Editor)


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