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What a film director wants her/his film to be is one thing. It is a director's thing and a director's thing only, (almost). What the film really is, is a different  thing. It is there for all of us to judge. And each of us can enlighten the director by posting our own film reviews.

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To Actresses and Actors with Love 
(Various Contributions)


O Time, Says Marilyn Monroe



The Sparkly Eyes of Alan Ladd




Only Marlon Brando Could Have Done It, and Maria Schneider, and Bernardo Bertolucci, too: Sexuality and the Consciousness of Time


The Hollywood Miss Sapientia:
Hedy Lamarr, Actress-Inventor

Depicts the invention of Hedy Lamarr, (and George Antheil), for which they received a U.S. Patent # 2,292,387 on August 11, 1942. The patent deals with a frequency-hopping device that guides radio-controlled torpedoes. A Viennese-born American actress Hedy Lamarr was once considered the most beautiful woman in Europe. George Antheil is an American avant-garde composer of orchestral music and opera.

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