V. Alexander Stefan

A Brief Biography

Dr. V. Alexander Stefan. 
The Institute for Advanced Physics Studies (La Jolla, CA) Collection.

V. Alexander Stefan, D.Sc., is an American physicist known for his research in various areas of plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion. He is revered among his colleagues as "the master of the multiverse."


He has performed scientific research in many of the world's leading research centers: P. N. Lebedev Physics Institute (Lebedev Institute) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA), among others. In 1991 V. Stefan became a naturalized citizen of the United States. He is a founding member of the Stefan University (1989), a highly selective graduate school offering courses (starting in September 2007) in physics, interdisciplinary physics, and genomic medical physics based on electronic learning systems. Stefan is a founder/series editor for several book series published by the Stefan University Press and the inventor of the ultra short wavelength beat-wave driven free electron laser ; his current research is focused on laser neurophysics (neuroscience) and laser genomic medicine (human genome). V. Alexander Stefan is the author of Doctor Faustef - an epic novel about Doctor Faustef in search for human immortality. Doctor Faustef fights Lucifer the Devil; travels through time, meets the greats of but one human race; defeats Lucifer and achieves immortality.

Brief Biography

Early Years

Serbia - Montenegro (Former Yugoslavia)

Stefan was born in Skopje, Macedonia (Former Yugoslavia) into a Serb family of intellectuals. He was raised in the family of his grandfather (the father of his mother Rosanda) Stefan Radosavov Popovich - a prominent citizen of Podgorica, originally from Medun near Podgorica (Podgoritza), Montenegro. The Popovich family line gave a famous duke and poet of Montenegro/Serbia - Marko Miljanov Popovich (see also, Marko Miljanov Popovich). Stefan attended primary school in Podgorica, Montenegro and studied electrical engineering and physics in Belgrade, Serbia. In 1973 and henceforth, Stefan worked as a research scientist in the Boris Kidrich Institute for Nuclear Sciences in Vincha, Belgrade (Vincha-Vincha culture).

Russian Years (1977 - 1981)

In Moscow, Russia Stefan performed research in theoretical plasma physics in the department led by Victor Pavlovich Silin - the founder of the Plasma Theory Division at the Lebedev Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. His studies were in the area of Tokamak and laser thermonuclear fusion - latter one being a research project led by the pioneer in the laser fusion Nikolay Basov, Nobel Prize winner in physics (1964) with Charles Townes and Alexander Prokhorov for laser research.

In Russia he has made short term research visits (giving research talks) at:

USA Years (1982 - Present)

After Russia Stefan moved to the United States in late 1981. In the States he performed research in physics in numerous prestigious American research centers:

Prior to 1989 (the year of founding of the Stefan University)

  • General Atomics, San Diego, California
  • California Space Institute
  • JAYCOR, San Diego, California
  • Maxwell Laboratories, San Diego, California
  • S-Cubed, San Diego, California, (Merged Out)
  • Institute for Nonlinear Science, La Jolla, California
  • Krall Associates, Del Mar, California,

Short term research visits (giving research talks) at:

1989 - Present

  • Tesla Laboratories (R&D Division of Stefan University), La Jolla, California.

In La Jolla,California, whereby he settled, he worked, among others, with Keith Allan Brueckner- the founder of the Physics Department of the University of California, San Diego - on laser fusion and heavy ion beam thermonuclear fusion and with Nicholas A. Krall - the founder of the KRALL Associates, Del Mar, California, on Magnetic mirror Thermonuclear Fusion, Bumpy Torus Thermonuclear Fusion, and Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Thermonuclear Fusion..

World Years (2001 - Present)

Stefan works on the establishment of the divisions of the Stefan University International.

  • Stefan University International - Russia.
  • Stefan University International - Japan.
  • Stefan University International - China.